Friday, December 12, 2014

[GCDP] Padang, Day 44 to Day 48

Day 44
On a day where I had to decide on where to go: weekend trip with my fellow interns, going to UNAND for the graduation ceremony of a few AIESEC alumni or supporting the launch of Minang Explorer. In the end, I decided to go with the third option.

Had breakfast with Meiki and his parents at a nearby stall not far from the house. I was even given the chance to drive their car from the house to the stall. At least I can say that I have drove an SUV and driven it in Padang though it's a short distance.

After that, I was drop off at the HW Hotel (the same hotel for GLS) and went to the hall where the launch took place. Met up with some AIESECers and got my coat back from Teguh, who found it on the bus after the GLS post tour. Highlight of the day: picture with Ms Universe Indonesia, Whulandary Herman.

With Ms Universe Indonesia, Ms Whulandary Herman
After the event, went for lunch with Ilma and Vini at Sareobi Bandung before Ilma's mum drop me off at a place where I can take an angkot back home.

Wefie with AIESEC UNAND Management Team
Just stay at home for the rest of the day while doing my video for my farewell party in a few days time.

Day 45
It was a day where relatives of my host family came from Bukittinggi, stayed for lunch and dinner and spend time with my host parents. Highlight of the day: the family photo taken together with the relatives and Syuja. =)

Day 46
My last day teaching at the orphanage. It was also Nikki's last day in Padang. Had a karaoke session with my fellow interns and Nikki before heading to the orphanage.

Went to J.Co with Angela to buy doughnuts for my farewell party. Gave them a speech where hopefully I will come back to Padang and hopefully their English will be much better when I first arrive in Padang. Some of them have a lot of improvement, just need some encouragement and hard work to speak better English. 

Will miss this place and the students.

Group picture with the students, Angela(top left)
and Ella (in pink, second row)

Day 47
My last day in Padang. Finalize my video before leaving home to head to the AIESEC office. Decided to do things that I have yet to do since being in Padang such as taking the bendi, traditional horse cart. Though it is more expensive than taking the angkut and taxi, it was for the experience.

Took the bendi from Pasaraya to Jati
Was at the AIESEC office early to relax and to make final adjustments to the video.

The moment everyone has waited for. The welcome party for Minang Explorer and the farewell party for WIFU project. At that time, felt emotional especially watching the video (doing the video was difficult too) given the people in the room and the atmosphere. Gave a speech on my experience in Padang. Got sugarcubes too from the UNAND AIESECers and fellow interns.

After that, it was time for photo sessions and exchange of well wishes. Even got my helmet signed too!

With my certificates: being a faci for GLS and being an EP for WIFU Project
Had dinner at Bagan before taking an angkot back to Bandar Buat via Pasaraya with my fellow Bandar Buat neighbour, Maged. Being cramped together with 16 passengers and 1 driver makes it an uncomfortable yet memorable experience.

After that, we wish each other farewell and see you soon before heading back to our respective homes.

It was time to pack up, read the sugarcubes and get some rest.

Day 48
It's the day. Got a call from the taxi driver who came to the house earlier than expected to ensure that I do not miss my flight. Woke my host parents up to tell them that I am leaving to the airport. Said goodbye and well wishes to them, thank them for taking care of me and apologise if I had made any mistakes before going to the airport.

Was doing some major reflection on the way to the airport. Reflecting from the first day that I arrive in Padang, the friends that I meet along the way, the children who I taught at the orphanage, the AIESECers who make sure I had the experience of a lifetime, my host brother who was like my own brother even though he has to travel back and forth from Malaysia and my host family who treat me like their own child. 

Met Ilma at the airport who have got me my GLS wristbands. Also met Abin, who was traveling to Thailand via Malaysia with her friends and we were on the same flight.

After about an hour flight, I finally reach the airport and was greeted by my dad. Went home to see my mum before going for our first meal together since coming back and what better way to have a meal by having chicken rice with char siew and siew yoke (both are roast pork meat). Great to be back home.

After lunch, drop by Taylor's to catch up with friends and visit the AIESEC booth before calling it a day.

It has been an amazing 47 days in Padang and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Life after GCDP and AIESEC
Been working with a startup that does financial comparison. AIESEC wise, going for events and activities when possible and facilitating conferences.

Met up with some friends who were in Padang when they came to Kuala Lumpur: Safwan, Carol and Maged.

If you are reading this and plan to go for exchange, I would say go for it and experience a difference culture while making a difference to the community you are in.

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That's all about my GCDP experience in Padang. To know more in detail, just contact me. 

Ending this post with a video I created for my farewell party. Till then, have a great day!